3 Amazing Things President Trump Has Done Since 2016

3 Amazing Things President Trump Has Done Since 2016

There are a lot of Trump achievements to date that can be boasted about by the republican party. Ever since he took office in 2016, President Trump has been working hard to deliver his promises that are making America great again. Let’s talk about a few of those things that he’s done to be able to bring those promises into reality.

Appointing Justice Neil Gorsuch


The Supreme Court of the United States is a fundamental institution. Some may even argue that being a judge at the supreme court puts you above the President. Mainly because the Supreme Court Judges rule on the final outcome that affects our fellow Americans. 



After the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, the balance of the Supreme Court was disturbed. Others were brought in to act as substitutes, or to be nominated as replacements, but the damage to the Supreme Court had been done. There were unrest and tensions.



All of that was the case up until the point where Donald Trump became President. As decisions by the Supreme Court are mandated into law, President Trump's decision to introduce Neil Gorsuch mainly to elevate a conservative mold.  


The “Birther Press Conference”


During the 2016 election cycle, there was a significant period in time when the media were slamming candidate Trump. The focus was mainly due to his assertion that President Obama was born outside of the US. 

Truthfully, these allegations against Obama were created by the Hillary Clinton campaign when they were going against Obama.


Either way, during the 2016 election cycle, the media would continuously attack Trump for this. It got to the point where Trump became tired and decided that he would hold a press conference to address the whole “Birther” phenomenon. Except, this was no regular press conference.


When the conference started, Trump was nowhere to be seen. It was announced that he would be on shortly. The media was waiting with bated breath, broadcasting what they believed would be what would finally take him down.


Instead, what happened was that Trump had multiple speakers go up and endorse him. These were people from various kinds of backgrounds - African Americans who represented the inner cities, veterans who had fought for their country. These endorsements went on for the majority of the press conference. 


At the very end was the moment for the greatest Trump achievements to date - he got up on stage and spoke for barely 5 minutes after making the media wait hours. After getting on stage, he said that he never believed the whole birther scandal, and said it was HRC who came up with it.

The Al Smith Charity Dinner Roast

When speaking of the greatest Trump achievements to date, it would be a crime to leave out the Al Smith Charity Dinner speech he gave. 


To set the stage, this event was held the very next day of the final presidential debates. At this point, there was a lot of excitement in the air. Both sides during that election cycle thought they would win by a landslide, and so some moves had to be made to allow one side to rise above.



Candidate Trump went up to speak, and it was as if for the next 15 minutes Hillary Clinton was in front of a comedy firing squad. It started with some lighthearted humor; however, it slowly started to build up.


Eventually, the faces of everyone in the room could be seen as having been incredibly shocked by what was occurring. Trump, instead of making some lighthearted humor and tempering it down, instead went opposite directions and started building it up.

He built it up to the point where there was no more humor in his voice and simply began tearing at all the lies that exist around the Clintons. This included topics with regards to the money donated to their foundations, how they didn’t help Haiti with disaster relief, and other demonstration of their corruption.  


Final Words

We live in an era of the greatest Presidential achievements to date. These moments that we take for granted right now are going to be looked at it in the future by historians with respect and admiration. What they will see is how people rallied behind their charismatic leader, and how they laughed at his humor.

That’s why it’s important to stay grateful and respectful for our great country into which we are born, and all the freedoms it gives us.


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