Gift Guide For Patriotic Papas

Gift Guide For Patriotic Papas

Father’s Day is just a few weeks away and you might have run out of ideas for the gift you should be getting this year. It happens even to be the best of us. The good thing is you can always do research if you’re looking for patriotic merchandise to give to your old man. You can think outside the box and get something unique this year. Here are some gift ideas that are worth exploring.

Dads Against Daughters Dating Democrats

This is an ideal gift from the daughter to the dad. Although the message can be taken lightly, it is the idea behind it that counts. Conservative dads may not be too open for their daughter dating Democrats. When you give your dad a t-shirt, he is reminded where your heart lies. Hint, Fathers this also makes a great gift for your daughter.

AR-15 Lighter

If your dad fancies a liberal scare every once in a while then the AR-15 barbeque lighter is the perfect gift. It is a gift that is bound to scare gun control proponents for years to come. It is so hard to imagine someone who wouldn’t like a lighter called the AR-15. Maybe the liberals wouldn’t fancy such a name.

Donald Trump Garden Gnome

Does your Dad love to plant? Is he always obsessed about making the garden better than it already is? The Donald Garden Gnome could be seen as an ideal Father’s Day gift in such a situation. The Gnome will help in making the garden great again.

Club Flask

Does your old man have a deep love for whiskey? If so, you can make it easy for him to carry his favorite beverage by buying the Deplorables Club Flask. It is a great flask for someone that doesn’t love Hillary and will want to take the opportunity to make fun of her loss whenever possible. It doesn’t necessarily have to be whiskey. It can be any beverage of his choosing.

Bulletproof Pint Glass

This one is for the dads that are tougher than nails and believe in the Second Amendment. If he’s the type that is blunt about seeing the “other guy”, this glass will definitely make him feel invisible. There is no better demonstration of toughness than drinking beer from a glass that has a bullet piercing.

Confederate Flag Woven Throw

Winters can be brutal and gifting your Dad a woven throw with the confederate flag can be seen to be a thoughtful idea. Not only will it keep him warm but he is also reminded about the value of our nation and the ones he keeps dear to the heart.


There are so many Father’s Day gift ideas that are worth exploring for a patriotic dad. You just have to do research on what he likes so that you can come up with a customized gift. There are so many platforms that you can use for inspiration if your old man is a conservative. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, you can check out

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