Hating Your Country Doesn’t Make You Patriotic

Hating Your Country Doesn’t Make You Patriotic

People have shown their disagreement with many politicians and their policies in different countries over the years. In the United States of America as well, people have opposed politicians and shown their dissent to many policies and regulations that the governments have come up with over the different years. There are different ways you can show you do not like a leader or a government. One of the most common ways to show dissent is to wear patriotic merchandise with messages to show people your point of view.

However, recent times have given rise to the notion that people are being patriotic when they oppose not just the government, but also the entire country. People who oppose the country often believe that living in the US is beneficial for them, and one of the benefits is that they can freely lash out at the nation as and when they want and no one can oppose them for it because they are “citizens” of this country too.

Many of these so-called critics go so far as to show support towards some of the USA’s enemies and speak ill of our troops and their hard work. Take for example all the criticism that the current President of the United States, Donald Trump receives from the opposition. Most of the opposition has made it a habit to find issues and mistakes with whatever the President says. Not only that, but they also make it a point to say something bad about the country while they are at it. It is like their right to criticize the nation just because they are citizens.

Support Your Country!

Famous author Mark Twain once said, “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.”. We completely agree with this statement. The country always comes first. But according to a lot of the new generation, this does not hold good anymore. According to them, the best way to show dissent is to bad mouth and criticize the country itself. They feel it is not possible to support the country all the time because it was built on racism, sexism, and white supremacy, and only a new revolution can save it. Such a scenario will only create more issues and lead to hatred towards the nation that you are a part of.

We do not say you don’t have the right to oppose any policies or regulations made by the government. However, there is a difference between disagreeing with what the government says and showering hate on the country that you live in. There are different ways to show that you do not agree with your government besides showering hate in the country. You can write about it, tweet about it, create art about your disagreement, or carry or wear patriotic merchandise with the message that you want to give to the rest of the nation. If you are looking to purchase patriotic merchandise with messaging on it, contact https://www.shieldrepublic.com/

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