How Much Does the USO Really Benefit Members and their Family?

How Much Does the USO Really Benefit Members and their Family?

The United Services Organization, otherwise known as the USO, has been serving members of the military since 1941. They don’t just take care of the military, but their family as well. They provide a variety of different services and patriotic merchandise that support those in the most need. It’s these families who pay the ultimate sacrifice for our country and they deserve as much support as we can offer them. That’s why the USO exists.

They take care of members and their families by sending packages overseas to our troops full of goodies, cards, and other items of encouragement. They even offer spousal support to help pay the bills and take care of the kids. Thankfully, we have an organization like the USO who is willing to go above and beyond for our service members. Let’s take a look at the programs they have:

USO Programs and Services

 You can find over 200 USO centers strategically placed around the globe. We have military bases all over the place, so it’s only fitting that this organization puts up shop where the troops are. These countries include the UAE, Japan, Germany, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and more. At these bases, the USO brings troops a lot of homely comfort and relaxation. They bring video games, the newest movies, and even phone and internet services so they can stay in contact with loved ones.

That’s the biggest thing our troops need. While fighting overseas, it makes being away from home so much better if they can have more regular contact with family and friends. That’s where the Operation Phone Home Program began. The USO began offering phone cards to troops back in 2003. As we know, the technology skyrocketed around this time, so internet services improved and allowed for video chats that enabled them to see and talk to loved ones back home.

Military Spouse Services

When you have a husband or wife who is away, life can be extremely difficult, especially when it comes to taking care of the house and kids. They will have needs and the USO is there to help. One of the great things military spouses do is get together and chat with each other. These are networking events that allow you to interact with people dealing with the same stresses you are. You can even be involved in this service if you’re overseas and far away from other military spouses via video chat.

Care Packages

If you’re in the military, then you love getting mail from home. Even if it’s not from your family, the support from kids and adults alike, sending cards, food, and other gifts can really lift your spirit. It reminds you that there are plenty of people back home who appreciate the sacrifice that you make. These types of services are especially popular during the holiday season and birthdays. You can send your favorite troop gifts and still be able to share memories together, even when you’re serving overseas.

These are only a few of the ways that the USO cares for members of the military and their families. If you want the world to see that you care for our troops, be sure to pick up some merch at to show them support!

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