Important Factors That Can Shape Political Opinion

Important Factors That Can Shape Political Opinion

While it can be said that most Americans share a common political culture when one looks at national politics on a broad spectrum, no one would suggest that all Americans across the nation think in a similar way when it comes to politics because there are so many different kinds of opinions and views no matter what state you look at. Even in a state that claims to be stoutly Republican or Democrat, you will find many people who lean far to the other side and just about everything in between, even what patriotic merchandise they purchase differs a great deal. There are a lot of factors that contribute to how people feel about politics and how they vote. Here is a deeper look at some of those factors:

Family Matters

There are a lot of things that can cause family members to differ when it comes to different things and, of course, that includes political issues. Talking to several people of several different ages in one family can produce distinct points of view that differ greatly from one another, but statistics will tell you that family members tend to vote alike despite generation gaps and other differences. Family ties obviously matter a lot when it comes to politics.

Gender Influences How People Vote

Many political observers have commented about the fact that a great percentage of women vote for the Democratic Party in election after election. The reason for this appears to be that women generally believe that the Democratic Party cares more about issues that directly affect women such as equality in the workplace and otherwise. But this does not necessarily mean that women will vote for women candidates simply because of their gender.


Religious beliefs influence what party citizens support and vote for more than a lot of people realize. There are religious groups that will actively rally around a party or cause and induce their members to vote as they dictate. Voters who belong to the “religious right” have a history of supporting conservative candidates and are very hard to sway in this respect. Some political observers have noted that Jewish voters support Democrats more often than not.

The Influence of Race and Ethnicity

Of course, no one race or ethnicity can be said to completely support any political side since one can find different points of view in any racial or ethnic group that is studied. This being said, political observers have noted some tendencies. For example, many have noted that most African Americans tend to vote for the Democratic Party and can even be considered to be more loyal to that party than other racial or ethnic groups. Latinos are more complicated because of the various factions that are included under that racial umbrella. For example, most Cuban Americans will vote for the Republican Party no matter what; but Mexican Americans tend to support the Democratic Party just as much.

Other Factors

Of course, there are a lot more factors that influence how people vote and a lot can be written about them. For more information about political products follow this link:



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