Most Important Republican Values for 2020

Most Important Republican Values for 2020

When it comes to politics and elections, believe it or not, but candidates don’t win on the promises they make or because of their prior achievements. Sure those things definitely do play a role, but their effect is minuscule in comparison to the values the politicians hold.

When it comes time to vote, citizens go over what values each candidate represents and how high they hold them. They vote for whomever they feel most closely resembles their personal values because that’s what gives them confidence that the candidate will actually do good.

In the 2020 elections, there are a lot of democrats competing to become the representative for the DNC, but only one of them will come out on top. For the republicans, they already have President Trump standing tall, and so they won’t need to go over their values. 

Here are the values they’ll hold onto to win the 2020 elections

  1. Better Healthcare

First and foremost comes the issue of healthcare. Healthcare is something that both parties have been going back and forth over for decades. It was in 2014 when President Obama implemented Obamacare, and suffice to say it has not performed ideally.

Republicans have been against Obamacare since before it was even called Obamacare. Their philosophy on health care is totally different and arguably more functional. Their most significant point is that citizens should be able to sign up with insurance providers across state borders. This, in turn, would allow for there to be more competitive in the healthcare sector, which would ultimately benefit the consumers.

Currently, in the United States, 70% of counties have ONLY two or fewer providers available, That leads straight into the realm of monopolies where providers can offer whatever they like, and consumers would be forced to accept, for the lack of options.

Though Trump said he would repeal and replace Obamacare at the very start of his term, he is a long way from getting that done. No doubt this issue will be brought up in the upcoming elections, and play a major role.

  1. Gun Control

Less gun control is something that the republicans have always stuck with. No matter what, they always come back to the point in the constitution that says that the right to bear arms “shall not be infringed.”

Liberals argue that the founding fathers never expected for guns to get so advanced and that if they knew they would certainly place more restrictions around acquiring one. However, that same argument can be made against the first amendment. It could be said that the founding fathers never expected Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to take off and for a single person to quickly contact millions, and for that reason that the first amendment should be regulated also.



As of late in the United States, mass shootings have been on the rise. Republicans still aren’t willing to give any ground on the topic of gun control though, and rightfully so. If a person is already criminal enough to do a mass shooting, making it a crime for them to own a firearm likely won’t deter them. In fact, it might just make the black market for weapons operate better.

The republican value of the right to bear arms is one of the most essential benefits, and it keeps the integrity of the United States.

  1. Pro-Life 

Finally, the final incredibly important issue for the 2020 election will be that of abortion rights. Generally speaking, the attitude towards abortions from not just republicans but all people, is that they are the product of an unfortunate circumstance. No one seeks out to get pregnant only to have an abortion, and whenever someone has to get one -- it is usually a grievous circumstance.

The republican attitude towards abortion over the last few decades has been quite stern. Over time, it was slowly softening up, but after the Trump administration came into power, it became rigid again. They argued that it was wrong and should not be allowed for all sorts of reasons.


The truth of the matter is that Republicans need to adjust their stance on this value. That is NOT to say that they should give up on being pro-life. However, Republicans need to take a better, more appealing stance on this issue that is incredibly important to a lot of Americans.

Should they opt for providing some kind of avenues towards better methods of birth control, they would surely steal a large portion of the democratic voter base in 2020. Best of all, they can also do it while staying true to their values.

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