Patriotic Pool Party Ideas

Patriotic Pool Party Ideas

Organizing a patriotic-themed poolside party is no easy feat. There are so many things to take care of that can leave you feeling lost. You may be confused about the refreshments, the entertainment, and the décor. Here are some tips to help you incorporate the patriotic theme into your party and make your party a memorable one for your guests.

1. Invitation

Add a patriotic touch to your invites. Your invites can have the red and blue color theme. You can buy patriotic-themed invitations and add your personal touch to them. Patriotic merchandise can be found all over the place to add a dash of red white a blue to your invitations.

2. The Food at the Party

Make sure you have enough party snacks, fruits, candy, and other fun stuff for your guests to munch on. When you think poolside, patriotic themed party, you think BBQ and hamburgers. If you plan to set up a grill by the pool, you can include veggies, corn on the cob, and different kinds of grilling favorites. Another way of dealing with food is to have a potluck. All your guests can bring one dish and that way you can be assured that there will be enough food at your patriotic themed party.

3. Drinks at the Party

A poolside party is typically held during the summer, which means there should be no dearth of liquid refreshments at the party. You can include themed drinks as well. Keep fruit punch, lemonade, sangria, beer, wine, and water so that your guests have a variety of drinks to choose from. The glasses you serve the drinks in can be red, white and blue. You can also get glasses with the American flag printed on them. Red and blue ice cubes are another fun way of incorporating the party’s theme into the drinks.

4. Party Games

It is not a poolside party if you don’t include fun games to keep your guests entertained. While your pool will be a major attraction at the party, you can include many games that can be played in the pool itself. Pool volleyball is one such popular game that is sure to keep all your guests occupied. For the adults, you can have a floating beer pong table or a floating blackjack table.

5. Party Decor

Ensure that the décor of your poolside party is aligned with the patriotic theme. This means a lot of red, blue and white. Your pool will be an integral part of your party décor. Deck the pool with patriotic-themed decorations. Use American flag pool floats, red, white and blue balloons in and around the pool, USA flag beach towels for your guests, and flag colored buntings around the pool area to set the mood. You can also hang small flags around the poolside to complete the theme. With all of these arrangements and patriotic merchandise, your pool area will look perfect and ready to welcome your party guests. Leave all worries behind and enjoy your patriotic themed party with the guests. You can get this and other patriotic merchandise at

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