There’s a Decline in Tax Enforcement

There’s a Decline in Tax Enforcement

It appears as if those who stand up for liberty and freedom are winning more and more under the leadership of President Trump. If you want to celebrate his presidency, be sure to purchase plenty of patriotic merchandise and wear it proudly!

We constantly shout, “taxation is theft!” and mean it with every fiber of our being. We’re burdened enough as it is and rarely see the fruit of all the taxes we pay year after year. Sure, we see new schools built, but more people are homeschooling or paying for private school because schools today are forcing ideas we don’t approve of down our children’s throats. They’re learning about sex education way too early, to be okay with murdering unborn babies, and even that it’s okay to stifle free speech just because you don’t agree with someone’s politics.

The government runs a lot of programs that need money, but that money is being wildly abused. Ever have government healthcare? Needed to go to the VA? How much poorer does our government have to get at managing our money, sometimes losing billions and even trillions of dollars, going trillions more in debt, before you realize that giving them even more money to mismanage won’t solve a single thing?

What about infrastructure? Oh, great, you mean after several years and plenty of tax increases to fix the roads, they might actually get around to doing it? Let’s face it, the government isn’t giving us too many reasons to trust them. Thankfully, President Trump’s tax cuts have given us a little more of a slice of our own pie. That money is ours to begin with. We earned every dollar with our blood, sweat, and tears, yet all the Democrats can do is scream for more socialism, more tax dollars, and more ill-founded programs that won’t work to make anyone’s life any better.

The Number of IRS Audits is Down

So, we have some news that might cheer us up. The IRS usually conducts a certain number of audits each year, and this past year, that number was down big time. Their target was .5%, but it was actually lower than that at .45%. This is a number to celebrate and it’s a new 40-year low. Fewer people being audited, fewer taxes to pay overall, fewer regulations and red tape, equals a major plus for our economy.

Of course, people on the left won’t see it that way. They will argue that the government needs more money, more oversight, and more audits. ‘The rich have to pay their fair share!’ they’ll shout at every campaign rally for years to come, as they have been shouting for decades. They don’t realize that the rich do pay their fair share. If you put more people on government programs, they take more from the government than they give back. It’s the taxes paid out by the rich that have been floating this government for a very long time.

Now we can see the true fruit of their labor. When taxes and regulations are down, they really do share a bit of the pie. More people than ever have jobs. The economy is flourishing, wages are rising, and unemployment is down. The left will do whatever they can to trash this economy and put the fear of a recession on the forefront, but it’s just not working anymore. There’s more confidence than ever that President Trump has created one of the best economies in the history of our country.

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