3 Reasons Why You Should Vote for Republicans in 2020

3 Reasons Why You Should Vote for Republicans in 2020

The 2020 election season is already in full swing. On the left, there are a large number of candidates with agendas to push the country further left, and even incorporate some socialist ideas (some candidates). On the right, we have our Commander In Chief, President Donald J. Trump.


There’s no doubt that he will win again in the upcoming elections. But, just in case you’re confused, or don’t know why he’ll win -- here are three reasons why you should vote for him in the 2020 elections, and why he’ll win.

1. Stronger Economy

First and foremost, one of President Trump’s most significant achievements that he’s had while in the office is the economy. Since the day he was confirmed the winner of the elections in 2016, up until even today, there has been optimism in the markets. 

Now, coming into the 2020 election cycle, there is no doubt that Trump will brag about this, and rightfully so. While economists have not provided a precise level of increase, confidence from stockholders and businesses remains.  


According to all conventional economic indicators, the economy of the United States is doing excellent. Interestingly, prediction models that were based on these same economic indicators also used the same strategies to predict his victory in 2016. In 2020, they also predict a massive win for Trump.

2. Wide Base

One of the most attractive aspects of President Trump for new voters in the 2016 elections was his diverse views. His campaigns and ideology did not favor left or right-wing agenda. There were many more candidates in the GOP competing with him, who were far more conservative. This approach made him a refreshing choice, a far cry away from the standard politician. 

Trump’s positioning on many issues allowed him to widen his base. It was unlikely for your average middle-of-the-road republican probably to lean towards voting for Trump, other than his tax-cuts, which he delivered. However, Hilary Clinton was so unappealing and a terrible alternative with overbearing left-wing agendas and inability to connect or understand the American people.

 At the same time, there was a younger base of new voters emerging who were tired of what both sides had to offer. They were just happy to see that there was someone who could appeal to their “non-traditional” stances and could stand up against the overly oppressive left.

3. Draining the Swamp

One of Trump’s biggest draws in during his campaign in 2016 were his promises against corruption.


Throughout his entire campaign, Trump wasn’t scared of pointing out whenever a shady deal was happening between two of his opposing parties. He liked to do this to show his base how much he detested the corruption in politics.


Arguably one of his biggest promises was to drain the swamp; and though the swamp draining has commenced, there is still a long way to go. Truthfully, his real supporters that are blue-collar lower-middle-class white voters have not yet gotten what they wanted. 

Since there are no other candidates yet that capitalize on the promises voters have been looking for, President Trump still remains the best option to deliver. He can sway them by demonstrating his deliverance on previous campaign promises and continue to showcase his agenda for his next term. 

Building the Wall & Final Words

Finally, there is the whole wall promise that Trump made. The craziest thing about this is that so many people criticized this idea and called it impossible. Trump promised to get it started on his first day numerous times. 

When the time came, all there was to see were a handful of fresh concepts that could be used to make the border safe. Even those concept walls have not been used much, as instead the border patrol authorities went ahead and started working on secure fencing.

Trump can still use this promise that he made in this next election cycle. He can speak about how judges on the left have blocked his efforts to make immigration reform happen, and that the left throws every hindrance they can in his way.

With all of his campaign promises, Trump has a lot left from his agenda to fulfill for his voters, but it is definitely not due to a lack of effort. His voters aren’t looking elsewhere because they can’t find anyone who can speak to them in the same way or make them believe that America comes first as President Trump can. It’s because of these reasons that they’ll vote for him again in 2020.


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