Did You Know These Crazy Accurate Facts About America?

Did You Know These Crazy Accurate Facts About America?

If you are an American, then you probably know a decent amount about the country. You’re taught facts in school as you grow up, you probably gathered further facts here and there just by living there, and you will gather more from other areas. However, many people do not know these crazy accurate facts. If you do, you might want to share them with others you know. Throw on that patriotic merchandise and scream them from the top of your lungs. Be an American and stand for what you love.

There are so many secrets and other tidbits that are floating around the country. Being able to grab some of the most fascinating facts might be the best way to really expand and love where you live while having the history and facts that go along with it. Being an American is much more than living in the country. It means being able to share the history, facts, and other information while standing for what you believe in. 

Take a look at these crazy accurate facts and see what they have to offer. You might be surprised to see and learn more about the great big country you are living in.


The Longest Average Time an American Stays at Their Job is…

Only 4.4 years. The older the worker is, the shorter the period of time they have at a job. Baby Boomers on average hold close to 11 positions during their lifetime, with the majority of that number being towards the end of their lifetime. Men seem to hold more positions than women at a slightly higher average. 

Those who start in the field at a younger age tend to stay with the job if they have security and a way to grow with the position. However, many individuals state that they have a hard time finding work after graduating from college and having to go into the workforce.


What is the Official Language of the United States?

There is actually no official language of the United States. English tends to be the largest spoken language within the states, at over 70 percent, but as of being officially named as the language for the area, this was an amendment that was never passed. Many individuals who are living in the United States do not speak English as a first language within their households. 

In fact, Spanish, Indo-European, and Asian, Pacific languages are all large portions of the other languages that are spoken in the country by residents who are living there.


There are More People in NYC than Those Living in 40 States

The amount of people who are living in NYC is an extremely high number as compared to those living in 40 out of the 50 states throughout the entire country. This is why when NYC is entered into the numbers of viruses, especially during the pandemic, or even while voting, the rest of NY does not make up a huge portion of the numbers. The amount comes down to the city itself, because of the number of individuals in the city as compared to the states throughout the rest of the country. 


A Higher Number of Presidents Were Born in Virginia

Four of the first five presidents of the states were born in Virginia, but eight of these presidents have come from this state alone. George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, John Tyler, Woodrow Wilson, William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor, and James Monroe. The second highest birthplace of presidents is Ohio. 


If You Have No Debt at All and Just $10…

You’re technically richer than 15 percent of all Americans in the country. This is because a little over 15 percent of American households have debt worth less than or equal to just $0 while another 14 percent have just zero for both amounts of assets and debt, which is a negative amount of wealth. 

What’s worse is that close to 70 percent of Americans say they have less than $1,000 in savings in their accounts and 45 percent say they have $0 saved.


Kansas Produces Enough Wheat in a Year to Feed Everyone in the World for Two Weeks

You read that correctly. That is a massive amount of wheat that can feed the entire world for two weeks. Not just a state, not a city or a country but the world. If there was a quick and inexpensive way to send the wheat across the entire world, then this is the best way to feed almost 8 billion people. 

With the shortages happening throughout the world, Kansas is still able to provide wheat to those that use their services. Many of the other farmers are having to dump milk and get rid of eggs and other spoiled products because of the needs being lower than they were because those who once purchased the products are unable to afford them anymore.

There are so many more facts that you can learn more about the country with. Being able to gain more insight into the country where we all live, play, work, sleep and grow is one of the best ways to really come in touch with the world around us and the roots we have put down in the country we call our own. These facts are little known facts or nuggets of information that you can share with the others that you know. 

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