Funny Trump Gifts on the Market Today

Funny Trump Gifts on the Market Today

It has been said that liberals don’t know how to meme, and that’s truer than any of us realize. It’s mainly because they don’t have a sense of humor about anything. They are too busy perpetually outraging the masses with one fake scandal after another and throwing money at every little problem to win votes. You can lighten the mood a bit by purchasing your favorite Trump gifts at


If you’re looking to lighten the mood (or set the room ablaze with stifling liberal anger), then these ten Trump gifts are perfect for you or your Republican friends. Hey, it is time to get the word out about who you support this important election season and these gifts are the way to do it. Check them out:


1. Trump Shower Curtain

The Trump shower curtain is the perfect way to show your support for our great president. With his logo and an image of him peeking over the corner, you won’t have to worry about liberals sharing your toothbrush like they want a share of your paycheck. Just like he pulls back the corner of the dark swamp and peers inside, this shower curtain has the same impact.


2. Trump Magic 8 Ball

Are you stuck in a situation and you’re not sure how Trump would handle it? He does have a fairly good track record of getting the job done. Just look at his amazing results! Everything he touches turns to gold, so why not buy yourself a Trump magic 8 ball? All you have to do is shake it and the answers to all of your problems will appear before your very eyes.


3. Trump Playing Cards 

President Trump is known for his Art of the Deal, so why wouldn’t you want his face on your playing cards? In fact, he’s only featured on the King of Spades card, also known as “The Dealmaker,” which is enough to make any liberal you’re playing cards break down. This set of cards is unique because it also contains Kellyanne Conway, Melania, and Ivanka Trump. You will even find Kanye West taking the 10 spots. You will definitely want this deck as a part of your collection.


4. Trump Family Car Sun Shade 

It can get really hot in the summer. The best way to keep your car cool when parked in the hot sun is with this Trump family car sun shade. Anyone looking in through the windshield will see the president and the first lady sitting in the driver’s seat with a crying Hillary Clinton strapped into the car seat in the back. This is certainly a hilarious way to show your support for all things Trump!


When buying funny collectibles, don’t forget you’re also showing your support for 45 and defending your rights. It’s a crazy time right now, so it’s important to let the country know that you will continue supporting our amazing president, which goes beyond yard signs and bumper stickers. Get all your favorite Trump merch right here:


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