How NOT to Offend Liberals in 2019

How NOT to Offend Liberals in 2019

It has become quite clear that as the years have progressed, liberals have progressively become more and more touchy and irritable. It's gotten to the point where if you went to someone and told them liberals are too easily offended, they would reply that pigs can't fly, it's that obvious.

Why are things this way now? 


Well, the reason is honestly quite simple. Over the last few years, liberals have concluded that it is better to be offended, about everything. When they are offended, it makes them a victim of something, and victims deserve to be given some reparation.

Is that all there is to this issue? 

Well let's take a deeper dive, and learn if there actually is a way NOT to offend liberals in 2019

Just Shutting Up


Here is a great place to start. Imagine you come across a liberal somewhere during your day. In fact, let's make it someone at your work with whom you interact with regularly. Imagine if this person just began arguing with you for no reason whatsoever, something about the patriarchy and how it needs to be dismantled, and how there's more inequality today than there has ever been before, yada yada yada.

Now, there are a million different places where you could pick this person's argument apart, but truthfully you do not need to. You can just remind yourself of the fact that this is just a sad person trying to compensate for some hole in their life by telling others what's right or wrong.



Conversely, if you were to speak even a single word against whatever they have to say, you fall into the trap. The trap is that they will always choose you to have those pointless arguments with, from then on. Besides that, the other part of their trap could also be that they'd get all their friends to harp on you too. Now you become the victim to the worst kind of mob mentality - liberal mob mentality.

Not Being Funny


Another great way to avoid offending liberals is to stop making jokes. By the logic they use, whenever you make a joke, you have to make fun of something or someone, and that is wrong. The best example of this is Dave Chapelle's latest Netflix special.


When it was released, Chapelle's latest special got a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes by the critics. Rotten Tomatoes selected five left-leaning critics to preview his special to give it a rating, and since they were so out of touch with the rest of society, they gave it a 0.


This was infuriating to so many people around the world, mainly because as soon as the poll opened up to the public, it shot up to 100%. There was an actual 100% disparity between the audience score and the critic's score.

Chapelle was scored so low because during his special he made jokes about transgender people. His trend of offending liberals has been on the rise since 2017, the same time as his return to comedy, and every year he seems to piss them off even more than before.

Final Words

It seems like in 2019, if you want to avoid pointless confrontations with liberals, all you have to do is mind your own business. If you're going out to have some fun, making some jokes, or even just on the internet - a snowstorm of liberal snowflakes can ruin your day at any moment.


The best way to stay safe is to stay away from spaces where anything like that could happen, and by surrounding yourself with a few like-minded people instead. That way, you have a buffer zone around yourself that liberals would have to work their way through to get to you, to begin with.


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