The Republicans Challenging Trump For Nominations

The Republicans Challenging Trump For Nominations

While there were a lot of people vying for the Democratic seat, president Trump only faced a few for the Republican seat.  Two Republicans dropped out of the race and it means that Mr. Trump has only one challenge for the top Republican Seat. In early April, the Republican Party was categorical and vocal that those who were challenging Trump will go nowhere. It is turning out to be true as things continue to take shape. Here is some information about the only person that is currently challenging Trump for the Republican Seat and when you should start shopping for patriotic merchandise.

Bill Weld, 74

Bill is a former Massachusetts Governor who held the seat from 1991 to 1997 serving two terms. He unsuccessfully ran for the vice presidency in 2016 on the Libertarian ticket. He is also known to be the first person to challenge the seating on a Republican ticket.

Weld, who is seen as an outsider, has been a well-known critic of Mr. Trump. He is of the opinion that America is headed for tragedy if Mr. Trump is to be given another four years as president. Weld’s motto is the “respect the rule of law”, “respecting individual liberties”, and “responsible fiscal restraint.”

In his manifesto, Weld promises to cut waste in order to reduce taxes.  His immigration policy calls for wider access to visas to enable immigrants to get work permits. He has been a vocal supporter of the banning of assault weapons and the overturning of the ban of gay marriages in California.

Those that Dropped Out:

Mark Sanford, 59

Mark Sanford is a former US representative and dropped out in 2019 in his bid to challenge President Trump. According to Sanford, he dropped out primarily because he was unable to garner enough interest in his key agenda, the national debate.

Joe Walsh, 57

Joe Walsh is another former US representative and is known for his conservative radio show. Walsh dropped out in February and said he would rally behind a Democrat in the upcoming November elections. According to Walsh, any Democrat would be a better candidate than Trump in the White House. Mr. Walsh realized that the chances of beating Donald Trump on a Republican ticket was slim. According to Walsh, Donald Trump is the biggest threat to the country ever since his shock election in 2016 and the country needs to be united to get rid of him in the upcoming elections.

Trump on Making it Easy to Vote

According to Mr. Trump, if the country was to switch to all-mail voting, the country will never see a Republican president again. According to Trump, voting by mail is fraught with voter fraud.

Democrats had favored the prospects of voting by mail even before the threat posed by the coronavirus.

Can Trump Win the November Elections?

According to recent polls, Trump’s approval rating is at 47.3% which is the highest since he took office. This perhaps because of the ongoing health crisis in which the president gives daily briefings while reassuring the whole country of better days ahead. The boost in ratings is certainly higher than what previous presidents have gotten in national crises.

It should be noted that we’re at the early stages of the pandemic and it is hard to predict with certainty what will happen in the next couple of months. There are skeptics that are of the opinion that we could be seeing something similar or worse than the Great Depression of 1928.

President Trump has always boasted of how the economy has been doing better than ever before but that is now being threatened by the Corona virus. In order for the president to be reelected, he must prove to the country that he is mobilizing all the resources to fight the virus and also make sure that people’s lives are not adversely affected. It can be a tough balancing act but as it has been mentioned, this is his greatest challenge yet since Trump became president.

Democrats Worrying About Coronavirus Helping President Trump

To the majority of Democrats, the prospects of primaries are unsettling. It came as a surprise to a lot of people when Mr. Trump took a more somber tone when addressing the progress with the epidemic. Democrats are worried that Trump could fashion the narrative to his benefit. The stimulus package is definitely a step in the right direction and can help with his reelection bid in November. 

If history has taught us anything, the candidates that steer the nation through a crisis are usually rewarded with a second term.

To Conclude

As much as Mr. Trump has already won the Republican seat by default, there are still a lot of challenges that lay ahead. It is interesting to see how the pandemic will transform the economic and political landscape in the country. The president still remains the best person to tell compelling stories about the disease. He is a unifying symbol that millions of Americans look up to. If he can explain to the people and keep them calm during these trying times, there is a high possibility that the president could be reelected at the end of the year. For a pro-Trump supporter, you’ll want nothing but a resounding victory at the end of the year. To get patriotic merchandise, you can check out

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