This is Why Trump Will Win the Elections in 2020

This is Why Trump Will Win the Elections in 2020


The 2020 elections have already begun! Debates are happening on the left, while Trump is stands waiting as if he’s already victorious. Truthfully, if one looks at all the indicators, it really does seem like he might pull it off. Therefore, in case you don’t expect it to happen again, allow me to explain the reasons why Trump will win again in 2020.

Unkept Promises


First and foremost, in case you don’t see how Trump can win the 2020 election cycle, let’s just begin with the biggest and most obvious reason. While running in 2016, Trump made a lot of big promises to his followers. These were promises like building the wall, draining the swamp, and improving the economy.

Out those three promises, the only one he’s been able to deliver on has been the last and most important one - the economy - and even that wasn’t a direct result of anything he did. The reason the economy has been doing well is because of the market optimism that surrounds Trump because he his friendliness to big businesses.


Though he didn’t keep the other two promises, his attitude along with some of his actions helped the economy improve, and get on a steady rise. Out of all the promises he could’ve kept, this is certainly the best one to keep. With this one single promise, he can get his followers to give him another chance for 2020.

His Followers

Speaking of his followers they are very different from the supporters of a lot of different politicians. Trump is actually quite popular with the youth, which is rare for politicians, and even rarer for politicians who belong to the right.

However, Trump’s followers are still staunchly his, especially the younger ones. The reason for this is because they haven’t yet seen anyone on the left that does not trample their values completely.

Even if someone from the left came who did not trample the values of Trump’s younger followers, they still wouldn’t be able to sway them. The reason for this is because of how different Trump’s followers are from any other politicians. They really think of him as “their boy Don” who’s there to “teach those libtards a thing or two.”

Corruption in the DNC



Continuing on more reasons why Trump will win the elections in 2020, here is a great one. The corruption in the DNC is what caused the democrats to lose last election cycle also. Throughout the caucuses, it was proven by the leaked emails on wikileaks that the DNC conspired against Bernie Sanders and put Hillary as their candidate unfairly.


Not only is this horrible for all of the democrats who voted in the Primary Elections, it’s incredibly stupid for the DNC to do this also. For the DNC to not choose their most popular candidate was one of the most arrogant mistakes that any organization could make.

The whole point of the Primary Elections is to pick the strongest candidate out of everyone who is available. If the candidate is picked for any other reason, then the ones who end up suffering are the DNC themselves, along with all of their voters.

If this election goes the same way as the last one, and for whatever reason the democrats decide to prop up a candidate who does not have the merit to get the nomination themselves, then SURELY Trump will win the elections.

Final Words

Besides all the reasons listed above, there are of course may more reasons also. One of them worth mentioning in closing is the issue that almost every candidate that’s running is a septuagenarian, meaning they’re well over 70 years old.


Though Trump is also 73, he still seems as sharp as he ever was. Compared to someone like Biden, who almost spat a tooth out during the last democratic debate, it seems like he’s doing quite well.

On stage, Trump just seems more loose and relaxed. He just seems younger and most charismatic, even if you find his character abhorrent. For all of these reasons, Trump will definitely win the elections in 2020.

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