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Custom Leather Patch Hats

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Leather Patch Caps

Nothing is more appealing than a hat that makes a statement. The leather patch caps from Shield Republic do this and more.

Our snapback hats stand out in their patriotic patch designs. From the Trump 2020: Make Liberals Cry Again to American Flag patched designs, we have a design that matches your conservative values. Our state leather patch hats are engraved with a unique logo that stays put. The patches are made from 100% handmade leather. 

All the leather patch hats in our store are double-checked for quality. The patches are made from full-grain leather to prevent them from wearing out and are cut to fit the customized graphics. Instead of wearing out, the patch will darken with age, giving your hat a more classic leather look. The patch also cannot fall off since it is hand-stitched onto the cap using a thick saddle thread. 

Customized Leather Logos that Make a Statement

Shield Republic makes customized logos that stand out and make a statement. We use laser engraving to capture all the fine details of your logo on the patch, ensuring the final outcome is flawless. Our custom logos don’t crack or peel off. 

The hats feature a snapback design and are well-structured for ample coverage without sacrificing style. The hats also have a breathable mesh for comfort and are adjustable to fit perfectly. Choose from a wide range of colors according to your preferences. We have the classic black, the popular popping red, the dazzling white, and more colors to choose from.

When it comes to fashion and style, there is no better way to show where you stand than with unique leather patch caps. We’re sure you’ll love our collection of unique and well-made leather patch caps that can be customized to your preferences.

Shop our store to find a leather patch hat to buy.

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